Abigail Adams : A Woman Before Her Time

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Abigail Adams: A Woman Before Her Time Although she had no direct influence on the new American government nor held any official political power, Abigail Adams was easily one of the most political and influential women of her time. From her knowledge of the war during the American Revolution, to her advice to husband John Adams as he helped craft the U.S Constitution, Abigail Adams was helping to shape the foundation and direction of her country over 100 years before women even had the right to vote for such changes. Before Abigail Adams had any voice in politics though, or was even known as Abigail Adams, she was Abigail Smith, daughter of William and Elizabeth Smith. Born in 1744, Abigail grew up in a very different home compared to those of other young women her age. Throughout her childhood, she struggled with her physical health, which kept her from participating in activities such as singing or dancing. Instead, Abigail spent a large majority of her time reading and studying from books that belonged to her father and grandfather. It was from these books that she was able to become self-educated.
Born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, it was here that Abigail grew to adulthood with her siblings William Smith, Mary Cranch, and Elizabeth Peabody. It wasn’t until Abigail’s older sister, Mary, was getting married, that historians theorize Abigail met John Adams. A lawyer with a diploma from Harvard, John Adams quickly won the love of Abigail Adams. He was hard pressed to

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