Abigail Adams And The American War

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During the war American, such as Abigail Adams, were doing their best at home to survive. Women like Abigail needed to perform tasks that were normally done by their husband, such as farming. Abigail was left to protect her land and stand up for themselves from passing armies on both sides. The war was not only being fought on the battlefield, but also at the men’s homes. Most of the time of the time during the Revolutionary War, Abigail Adams and her children spent it at home, while John Adams was traveling to meeting for the Congress, most of their communication was through letters. While John was away the continental army camped out at the Adams’s home and Abigail and her children helped take care of the men. They performed act such as giving water to the passing armies, making bullets, and caring for the sick soldiers. Because of the small pox epidemic, Abigail and her children were giving a vaccine, to give some immunity from the disease, Abigail’s oldest daughter was hit the worst by the disease, and it seemed she wouldn’t make it, but she soon recovered. Abigail and her children had an up-close view of the war, considering their home was only a few miles from the backbone of the British army, which at the time was Boston, they had to live in constant fear of being robbed of their home and possessions and at worst their lives. The Adams family had to endure seeing their neighbors and friends ride past their house, sometimes wounded and something the men were dead, as
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