Abigail Adams : Women 's Rights

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Abigail Adams, a woman very well known today for being one of the first figures for women 's rights becoming the first lady during her husband, John Adams presidency. Abigail was born on November 22, 1744 and died on October 28, 1818 (The World of Abigail Adams). Throughout her life she had many long lasting accomplishments and was a leader in her household and for women. She helped make the Americas what they are today and helped give rights to woman. Abigail Adams was an important figure because of her relation to John Adams, her religious views, her accomplishments in women 's rights, and how they had long lasting effects in the world and on the United States today.
Abigail Adams was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts at the North Parish congregational church (The World of Abigail Adams). She came from a well-rounded family who was very religious and involved with the church. Her great grandfather, John Norton was a reverend so religion was an important part of her family and her life as a child. Her father, William Smith was a liberal Congregationalist. Her mother Elizabeth Quincy Smith had four children; two daughters, a son who died from alcoholism and Abigail. Abigail was born very ill and weak. Her mother did not believe that she was healthy enough for schooling so Abigail did not live the life normal children did. When she was around the age of 11, her mother thought she was healthy enough to begin learning, and she started her education from there. Abigail Adams once
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