Abigail Lewandowl Reflection

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Reflection Abigail Lewandowski-This weekend for mother’s day I am going to my grandma’s house. On Saturday we are uncovering the pool so we can go swimming. We are also Having a big bonfire with my family. On Sunday we will go to church. Then we go back to my grandma’s house. We give gifts to my mom my aunt and my grandma. Then it turns into a work day. Even though it’s mother’s day we still work because my grandpa want’s to get things out for summer. He’s more of the go go go type he can’t just sit around. Then we get the paddle boat out so we can go fishing in the pound. We also ride four wheelers and the side by side. Next we go to my great-grandma’s to mow the lawn and weed whip the yard. Even though the weekend is mostly working we still
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