Abigail Yasmeen Roberts: Syrian Refugees

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No difficulties or limitations will keep this fearless freshman from her calling to Syrian refugees. After being born in Arizona, Abigail Yasmeen Roberts grew up travelling, having the opportunity to experience cultures all around the world while simultaneously serving Christ. From Cairo, Egypt to Amman, Jordan, Abigail has spent a majority of her life helping in ministering to the people of the Middle East. Today, as she branches off in college, she plans to pursue a career in journalism with the hope of one day becoming a foreign correspondent in the Levante region of the Middle East.
Before Abigail was born, her parents were missionaries in Cairo, Egypt, where they returned after she was born in Arizona. After spending a few more years in Cairo, her parents made the difficult decision to leave Egypt because of the dangers involved with living in the area while raising a family. During the next few years of Abigail’s life, they lived in different parts of Syria and Jordan ministering to refugees. Throughout first through sixth grade, she attended an Arabic school in Syria where she studied mostly in Arabic. However, in High School she transitioned to an English speaking high school to
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During her childhood, her parents worked with students learning English as a second language as well as the many thousands of Syrian refugees around where they lived. Work in this area is not only dangerous, but it also takes lots of faith and perseverance to work through the many trials involved with overseas mission work. Currently, her father is out of work as the number of students is low, and he has no students taking his classes. He is currently looking for different work to provide for his family. Work on the mission field, such as theirs, can be extremely difficult and risky, but the reward they will reap from their turbulent times will be worth every tear and every
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