Ability 's Inability ( Rough Draft )

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Ability’s Inability (Rough Draft)
When considering Christian allegories that have been written through the years, one has stood out from the rest. This piece of literature has stood the test of time and remained beloved by many readers. In "Class Formation, Politics, Structures of Feeling" Geoff Eley states “Pilgrim 's Progress is, with Rights of Man, one of the two foundational texts of the English working-class movement: Bunyan and Paine, with Cobbett and Owen, contributed most to the stock of ideas and attitudes which make up the raw material of the movement from 1790-1850” (Eley 217). The Pilgrim’s Progress was written by John Bunyan in February of 1678. At the time, Bunyan titled it “The Pilgrim 's Progress from This World to That Which Is to Come; Delivered under the Similitude of a Dream”. In modern publications of the work, Bunyan’s sequel to the work titled simply “Pilgrim’s Progress, Part II” has been added at the end of the original tale. Although the two tales were not originally published back to back, reading them one after the other shows the striking differences between them. Bunyan specifically used different events, people, and circumstance in the two different parts to symbolically show how Christian life can vary greatly depending upon the individual.
John Bunyan’s readers wanted the story in The Pilgrim’s Progress to continue beyond the original tale. Two years after publishing the original story, Bunyan wrote his first sequel to The Pilgrim’s Progress

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