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Abdulrahman Taieb, April. 9, 2013 History paper: Abina Abina's Life A young slave girl called Abina Mansah lived in the British Gold Coast Colony (now Ghana) in 1876. She was born in Asante/Ashanti. Abina had been captured in Asante area, and enslaved in two houses in Asante, the first one was in the capital city of Coomassie at Eddoo Buffo's home and the second one in Asante territory of Adansi20. Abina's life events did not happen by accident. Everyone's life shaped by things or people around us for exmaple family, friends, and culture. Sometimes these things around us force us to shape our life and the way we are. Abina's life was shaped by some forces. Although there are many forces that shaped Abina's life, the most important two are…show more content…
"A major moment in intiating the European scramble for African colonies occurred in 1882 when the British invaded and occupied Egypt,"( WTWA, 651). African Resistance African leaders either negotiated to reduce the loss of their land or fought and all of them were crushed. The Europeans and people from the United States celebrated because of the Imperialism. "The British were, by the late eighteenth century, the biggest proponents of the abolition of slavery worldwide was something of an irony, since they had in previous centuries been the world's largest slave dealers," (Abina, 104). That was an important force because it led Abina ran away from Qumina to get her rights. This is why slavery was an important force that shaped Abina's life. Britain imperialism shaped Abina's life and encouraged her to get her rights. Abina was sold by her master to the house of Quamna Eddoo, after that she ran away from him because she did not want to be called slave anymore. She went to Cape Coast because she thought everyone was free (Abina, 7). The British abolished slavery because of the abolition drives and religious groups, fight by enslaved, and the change in the economic interest. After she knew that the British freed all the slaves she did not want to stay at Qumina's house and she ran away because she wanted to choose for herself not be forced to do work. Abina. Abina was treated as a slave and that’s what made her ran away to get
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