Able To Quit His Secular Employment.. Eventually, Price

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able to quit his secular employment. Eventually, Price would lead the congregation to purchase a 32-acre campus in south central Los Angeles. The $14-million property and the $10-million sanctuary the church built there were paid off within six years of moving in it. Rev. Price developed a staff of 11 pastors and 235 employees working in the church’s diverse ministries: a preschool, elementary, middle and high school; 16 helps ministries with approximately 2,500 volunteers; and Ever Increasing Faith, the TV outreach Price founded in 1978 that now reaches more than 15 million households. At age 69, Rev. Price began to train his son for leadership by having him serve as assistant pastor at Crenshaw Christian Center. After six years of…show more content…
In Next! Future Proof Your Church, Finkelde says, “any church that faces the necessity of succession with proactive steps and appropriate attitudes will future proof their church and ultimately enjoy the benefits of their diligence.” In other words, not only does succession planning have positive implications for the future, but also for the present. Similar to Finkelde, Samuel Chand and Dale Bronner also point out that preparing an organization for future leadership transitions can also bring benefits today. Succession planning ensures that “leaders and managers at all levels remain in sync with company goals, have defined career paths and developmental opportunities, and prepares you to respond effectively when key employees leave unexpectedly. In addition to developing leaders, a good succession plan ensures that your wisdom and knowledge transcend the current generation.” “When implemented properly, succession planning creates a leadership culture within the organization. A true leadership culture is one that identifies and develops people who are able to function across an organization, who are cross-trained in a variety of responsibilities, and are ready to adapt to a new role with competence and confidence,” say Chand and Bronner. The benefits of succession planning are for now and later. While it may be easy to relegate pastors without succession plans to the

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