Abnegation's Impact On The World

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The selflessness and care seen within the Abnegation faction, leads me to believe that it would be the perfect fit in my journey to leave a mark on this world. I admire the acts of altruism the Abnegation portray, showing their will and determination to put the lives of others first. The impact Abnegation have on the world is important because of the way in which they act as the rock within society, caring for the privileged and underprivileged. I would like to touch the world, like Abnegation, by being a selfless and considerate individual that others look up too and know they can count on for having their needs as a priority. Specifically, I would like to make sure everyone in society is equal and has the necessities of life. In my perfect world, no one would be homeless or hungry, and…show more content…
Once I have these steps down, I will be ready to lead and serve the people. To get things done, I will need to gain support from citizens. I will do this by making them aware of what the less fortunate are going through and the lack of resources they have. When this is accomplished, I will make sure everyone is eating every day, by going around the city and giving food to people in need. Also, I will begin to build homes for the homeless and give them the life they deserve. I do not want to be remembered for doing anything crazy or unusual, just simply for being a caring, selfless person, who always put others above herself. I want to make people have an urge to go out and change the world. I would like to be remembered this way because it is what will make the longest lasting effect on people. People do not realize what others are going through, but once they do, it will resonate in them forever. There is so much selfishness in our world today that needs to end. People take advantage of what they have, not knowing the huge amounts others are lacking
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