Abnormal Behavior As Its Own Discourse Community

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Abnormal Behavior as its own discourse community.
In order to fully understand Psychology as a discourse community, I have decided to research the Abnormal behavior branch; which is a study in the psychology field. I will then correlate that information to that of the psychology discourse community. Which will allow me to not only evaluate the Abnormal behavior branch, using both Swales and Pratt’s texts. Finally, I will most likely come to the conclusion based on my research, that while the Abnormal behavior study is part on the psychology discourse community, it could also stand alone and be its own discourse community.
Definition of psychology terms: Psychology, is a scientific study of humans within not only an …show more content…

Swales defined discourse communities as “groups of people that have the same goals or purposes, and use the same communication to achieve such goals.”
The six characteristics Swales uses to distinguish and evaluate a discourse community focus on:
The goals within such discourse community, and why those goals are important.
How members within the community, communicate
Why they use those forms of communication to communicate.
Whether or not that for of communication is its own genre in the discourse community.
If such community has a specific language, or just words that are used only in that discourse community.
Who evaluates and accepts new members within that community, and why they are in charge of those decisions. While researching the psychology major, I found a report written by Marya Endriga, that focused on the Psychology minor at Sacramento State. This report summarized not only the psychology minors goal; as a department, but also that of the psychology major. In which it also encompasses the same goal as that of the psychology minor. The psychology major and minor can be seen as ways in which the psychology discourse community as a whole operates, and why it operates that way.
According to Endriga, the psychology departments goal, is to provide an understanding of human behavior and what forms that behavior. Also, how to better help those in need with their emotional in-depth of certain situations. This means that, the

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