Abnormal Diagnosis - the Movie Back from Madness

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Glenda Ngo
Psyc 407
18 Apr 2011

Extra credit Reflection Paper related to the movie Back from Madness
In the movie Back from Madness, you were introduced to four individuals diagnosed with serious forms of mental illness—Todd, a homeless man with Bipolar I disorder, Naomi, a college student with Schizophrenia, Eric, a young musician with Major depression, and Glen, a middle-aged photographer with severe Obsessive compulsive disorder.
Answer the following questions related to your reactions to the movie. Please write in complete sentences with proper grammar, spelling, and language appropriate to an academic paper. You can use the first person “I”, as I am asking you about your opinions/reflections. Please type your responses.
1) Given
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sports, music, and other organizations). However, my senior year, a combination of stress and family turmoil pushed me into a place I’d never been before. I didn’t know how to handle my emotions and my whole life seemed to start falling apart, but I didn’t know how to fix it and pick up the pieces. I constantly felt overwhelmed by everything. I was easily discouraged by difficult assignments, I had no self-confidence, and I had no will to be social or be involved in everything I once cared so much about. I slowly isolated myself as much as I could, and all of my friends slowly left me alone. The worst feeling I’ve ever had was that I wanted to kill myself. I thought about suicide a lot, and like Eric, I wanted to have a successful suicide. I even almost attempted it once, but I’m too scared of pain. It got to the point to where I’d try to think of all the painless ways one could go, but even then there were uncertainties with each way I contemplated how to die. Much like Eric, here were weeks on end, where all I could think of was how much I wanted to do was be dead and gone from the world. I saw no point in anything I did, what little motivation I had, dissipated away and I was just so unhappy. I don’t remember going more than a day without crying at some point, because I just felt like life was so terrible. I was always the
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