Abnormal Human Behavior

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In reflecting on the above outlined competency, I found myself thinking, without the existence of abnormal human behavior, my life would not have been as interesting as it currently is. Throughout my adolescent years, primarily through observing others consistently, I was able to develop a profound interest and dedicated pensive thoughts into understanding the cognition and behaviors of human beings. As such, I would spend hours weekly, trying to understand why individuals think differently, seek to formulate reasons behind their actions, how they problem solved and just the interactional dynamics employed by individuals in varying settings. Accordingly, when it was time to pursue the course Abnormal psychology both as an undergraduate and graduate student, I was very anxious, intrigued, ecstatic and elated as I often consider it my most preferred psychology course. The study of Abnormal human behavior focuses on unusual patterns of thinking, emotions and behaviors that are generally associated with mental disorders and dates back to the Stone age period. Abnormal psychology, is described as the field that seeks to study the causes and possible treatments of mental disorders. In my critical annotation of the book “Essentials of Abnormal Psychology” I reflected on the historical and scientific considerations to abnormal psychology. In looking at the historical development of abnormal behavior, a supernatural, biological and psychological model have all been purported in the
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