Abnormal Psychology : A Study Of Unusual Emotion, Thoughts Or Behavior

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Abnormal psychology is the study of unusual emotion, thoughts or behavior. It basically constitutes individual who are not what society would deem as normal and follow the norms of a particular culture. Individuals that are constantly not able to adapt and function properly in various conditions can be viewed as abnormal because a number of factors could be restricting them from functioning effectively in a society. The definition of what is "abnormal" has changed over time, across different cultures, and is different for individuals within a particular culture. These unusual emotions, thoughts or behaviors may correlate with mental disorders. A distinct set of theories are used to understand these forms of abnormality. Psychopathology can be defined as the study of mental disorders. In more direct terms it focuses on abnormal behavior, mental distress and mental illness. This form of study looks to examine different elements that would affect the mental state or physical being of an individual. When looking at the subject matter of abnormality I can see that there are many books and movies that incorporates characters that demonstrate abnormal behaviors. A movie that consists of characters exhibiting abnormality throughout is Silver Linings Playbook. The movie Silver Lining Playbook portrays two primary characters, Pat Solitano and Tiffany Maxwell. Both of these characters have psychological disorders that they struggle with. Pat who was a teacher finds

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