Abnormal Psychology And Mental Health Essay

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In the management of patients, it is essential ambulance clinicians understand and adhere to the proficiency ethics set out by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC, 2014). Furthermore, as a student ambulance clinician I now recognise the relevance of possessing non-technical skills as well as an in-depth knowledge of theoretical subjects such as ethics and law, professionalism and abnormal psychology is equally essential for efficient patient care. I have chosen to demonstrate my understanding of this module by focussing on the subject of abnormal psychology, in particular mental ill-health. I was interested in furthering my knowledge of mental ill-health following one shift where my colleague and I were required to treat four patients who had attempted to commit suicide. This essay will begin by defining abnormal psychology and mental health. It will then discuss current statistics regarding mental ill-health as well as discuss causes, the various disorders and how they affect the individual. This essay will then review risk factors that can place an individual at higher probability a mental illness. Furthermore, it will discuss suicide and how the joint royal colleges ambulance liaison committee (JRCALC) suicide and self-harm risk assessment form can be utilised by ambulance clinicians to evaluate patients. This essay will conclude by discussing why knowledge of mental health will benefit me as an ambulance clinician. Comer, 2009 (as cited in Blaber 2012) defines
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