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The following paper includes such topics of normal and abnormal psychology. Discussed with these topics are definitions of each as well as the similarities and differences between them both. Included here also is a discussion and explanation of two mental disorders and two mental illnesses all taken from the psychology perspective. As the reader will see, normal and abnormal psychology as well as the mental disorders and illnesses are common issues that could happen to any person or affect any family at any time. In addition to learning about the disorders and illnesses the reader will also learn about possible therapies for treating these mental disorders and illnesses. Mental disorders and mental illnesses objectively studied
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Dependent Personality Disorder deals with extremely passive individuals. They show an extreme need to be taken care of, they fear separation, and tend to show clinging behavior. This is a long-term condition in which people depend solely on others to meet their physical and emotional needs. People with this disorder do not trust their own abilities to make decisions (Bruce Pfohl, M.D.) No specific treatment for this disorder although psychotherapy and medications can be helpful. Individuals with Avoidant Personality Disorder are subject to inadequacies in social situations that may cause embarrassment, anxiety, or rejection. They are over sensitive to any kind of criticism and they tend to develop some kind of phobia that stems from this disorder. They tend to live alone; however they can manage limited contact with family and friends (Market, 2008). The recommended treatment for this disorder is psychotherapy.

Similarities among each School of Thought for Mental Illness Therapy Each school of thought in psychology has its own approach to therapy for mental disorders; however there are some similarities. In psychoanalysis there are two types of therapy psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy; cognitive and behaviorisms have several courses of therapy: systematic desensitization, exposure technique, operant technique, participatory modeling, skills training, and cognitive therapy. In Humanism two types of

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