Abnormal Psychology

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Crystle Back Film: About A Boy Psychology of the Abnormal 407-001 Provisional Diagnosis: Based on psychosocial history, behavioral observations, and assessment data, the following diagnosis should be considered… Bipolar Disorder with Major Depressive Episodes Introduction: In the film About A Boy there is an unusual boy that the film focuses on named Marcus. Marcus has a highly unusual mom named Fiona whom I chose to focus on for this paper. Fiona plays the excentric mom with major problems which effect her son Marcus in some pretty big ways. Fiona’s behaviors, depression, and suicidal ways effect her 12 year old son in some majorly negative ways causing him to really struggle socially in school and to become an outcast.…show more content…
She also states towards the end of the movie that she agrees with Will that she is sad and depressed but that this time she is good she isnt going to try and commit suicide. Then she goes on to say in the very same scene that she is a bad mom that doesn’t even notice her son sometimes because she is so screwed up. Therefore she even notices that something is wrong with her. 3. Presenting Problem: Near the beginning of the movie Fiona’s closest friend Suzie says that sometimes Fiona is just “off color” and needs a time out to get herself back together. Marcus, Fiona’s son, says he disagrees with her that she is just crazy and he knows it. Later on Will says that Fiona is “obviously nuts,” while she makes jokes about her suicide attempt and is wearing a full furry jump suit. Then towards the end of the film Will goes to her concerned and asks her not to try to kill herself again. She then tells him she’s fine and is not going to try to kill herself. Then Will is relieved and he then goes on to say that they have to do something to fix her depression, sadness, and crying all day and she agrees with him. Then at the very end of the movie Will says to Marcus: “That’s just it you cannot make your mom happy, she has to do that for herself; she has to make herself happy.” It is very obvious from all of this that she is struggling with
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