Abnormal Psychology: Pop Culture

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Abnormal Psychology: Pop Culture In asking the question of what abnormal psychology is really supposed to be, it makes sense that we must first quickly think about the very definition of our word "abnormal¨. By all rights, is a remarkably puzzling word that is very dependent on what is called "normality¨. Both terms may justifiably change fundamentally from one era to another and one culture to a different one. How then do we choose upon what is abnormal and what is normal? Of course, this is much more of a philosophical issue than a psychological one. For logical reasons of practicability, it is essential to generate an approximately uniform definition of abnormal psychology that we can more or less decide upon as a cluster of caregivers. This general definition would obviously be typical in its nature, but the shared definition of the subject of abnormal psychology habitually looks something like this: Abnormal psychology is the research of behavior designs that deviate widely from usually acknowledged norms, particularly those of a compulsive nature (Medved, M. L.,2008). Nevertheless, when it comes to popular culture and reality television, how do these shows depicted abnormal behavior. In this essay I will discuss how a reality TV show called "Jersey Show" depicts abnormal psychology. Reality shows are an abnormal, flawed vision of human nature in action, chiefly the MTV real world experimentations in which a group of strangers, combined only by their age and
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