Abnormal Psychology Terms

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Abnormal Psychology Terms 1. "even our negative emotions help us survive. for example, aren't our suspicious often justified?" most likely someone with a ______ theoretical perspective made this statement "I knew right after we got home from the hospital that our kid had a problem," the parents said. unless the parent is using 20-20 hindsight, the child's diagnosis most likely is "i'm concerned about Ritalin use; its possible effects on children's growth, and its increasing heart-attack risk in hypertensive adults" an acquaintance worries. your best reply, based on the most recent research is "it is obvious that this case of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder arises from an early childhood fixation." which type of psychologist…show more content…
22. 23. a child's distracting behaviors occur only in a school setting, and include failure to follow instructions and finish work, answering questions before they have been completed, and a lot of seat squirming and fidgeting. could ADHD be a diagnosis of this child a client being treated for avoidant personality disorder must increase the number of social contacts per day-- defined as people greeted with at least the phrase, "Hello. How are you?"-- in order to later engage in some desired activity. most likely, the therapist has which theoretical background a client being treated for schizotypal personality disorder must show up for therapy appointments on time, dress appropriately, and complete some social skills training. most likely the theoretical orientation of the therapist is a client suffers from severe problems in remembering recent information, and has increasing difficulty using ordinary language and other cognitive skills. the resulting diagnosis probably will be a clouding of consciousness that develops over a short period of time and can often be reversed if its underlying cause can be found is called a friend asks your advice about the best therapy to use for treating borderline personality
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