Abnormal Psychology & Therapy

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Abnormal Psychology and Therapy Paper (NAME HERE) PSY 300 July 2, 2010 Abnormal Psychology and Therapy Upon researching what the word psychology means many definitions may be found. However, once all those definitions have been deciphered you will find that psychology is the study of an individual’s mental and emotional state and thought processes. The intention of therapy within psychology is to diagnose, treat, and in time help individuals improve from whatever psychological infirmity that they are experiencing. Comparison and Contrast of Normal and Abnormal Psychology The word normal is characterized by what the majority of a society views as typical. Depending on the culture of an individual the meaning of…show more content…
Within each therapy category there are subdivisions that differentiate the types of therapy that is available to treat these disorders. The psychodynamic approach includes psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy. These types of therapy include the patient or individual interacting with the psychiatrist on a one-to-one basis and having the opportunity to discuss and express the feelings and thoughts that they are experiencing. The humanistic approach includes gestalt and client-centered. Within this therapy the individual is taught and encouraged to express their inner feelings and acceptance of themselves as they are. These two types of therapies are similar in the sense that they deal with the individual expressing their feelings and accepting them at the same time. The cognitive-behavioral approach includes systematic desensitization, exposure techniques, operant techniques, participatory modeling, skills training and cognitive therapy. Within these therapies the individual is faced with what they fear the most gradually over time in order to help them overcome their fear and feelings that can provoke negative thoughts. The biological approach aims at changing or alternating physiological brain functions or areas that are responsible for causing such disorders. These two therapies are similar in the sense that they try to eliminate or decrease the amount of the factor that is causing the mental disorder. Differences among Therapies in
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