Abnormal Psychology (Uop) Test #2

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Abnormal Psychology Test #2 Study Guide with Answers TRUE/FALSE 1. Most people with mental disorders behave in a highly irrational or dangerous manner. ANS: F 2. People who are strange, weird, or bizarre have a mental disorder. ANS: F 3. People with mental disorders are strange, unusual, and noticeably different than other people. ANS: F 4. 5. There can be no universal definition of abnormality. ANS: T 6. Ideas about what are normal and abnormal vary over time and across cultures. ANS: T 7. Abnormal behaviors and feelings are often exaggerations of normal states. ANS: T 8. Normal behaviors can be categorized as distinctly different from abnormal behaviors. ANS: F 9. Every human…show more content…
|somatoform disorders | ANS: C 5. Which of the following provides a better definition of abnormality than the others? |a. |deviant | |b. |emotional distress | |c. |help seeking | |d. |irrational/dangerous | ANS: B 6. Which definition of abnormality is considered to be the best? |a. |deviant | |b. |help seeking | |c. |irrational/dangerous | |d. |significant impairment | ANS: D 7. Marvin is feeling so depressed that he is having trouble making it to work and

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