Abolishment of Animal Testing Essay

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Have you ever really thought about what happens during animal testing? How the animals are treated, or what tortures they have to face on a day to day basis? More than one-hundred million animals suffer and die every year through animal testing. Ninety-five percent of animals used in experimentation aren’t even covered under the Animal Welfare Act, which regulates the treatment of the animals that are used for testing. Some animals are abused and mistreated so badly that they die before they are even experimented on. Animal testing is a cruel procedure and should be made illegal.
However, animal testing is very important to understanding the human body. Over the years, we have vivisection to thank for many of our medical advances we have
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A mouse cannot speak for itself, but no living creature would willingly go through some of the horrendous procedures done on test animals.
For the most part, a majority of the cruel experiments done to animals are extremely pointless. It has been reported that researchers will inject large amounts of LSD (acid) into elephants, just to see what would happen. The side effects of LSD in humans has already been established, so injecting elephants with the drug was highly unnecessary. Monkeys are also victims of pointless drug experimentations. For the most part, everyone is already aware of the harmful side effects that occur from smoking while pregnant. However, the federal government still grants researchers 10 million dollars to inject pregnant monkeys with nicotine. The nicotine causes the developing monkey fetuses to have lung damage and other birth defects. The unborn babies are then cut out of the mothers and killed so the researchers can perform autopsies on their organs. That is not all; the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center was awarded $71,623 in stimulus funds to feed cocaine to monkeys. Even though the effects of cocaine are already known for humans. The list of pointless animal experiments goes on and on. What are researchers even gaining from these useless experiments?
Also, humans and animals are not the same! Where’s the reason in testing products

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