Abolitionist: Who Is John Brown?

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Who is John Brown? (Introduction)
While abolitionists typically work for emancipation by writing, speaking and collecting petitions, John Brown could be considered a “peculiar” abolitionist because of his feelings of personal responsibility and urgency. John Brown, known by the nicknames “Captain Brown’, “Fighting Brown” and “Old Man Brown” was born May 9, 1800 in Torrington, Connecticut to Ruth Mills and Owen Brown. He gained his determination to become an abolitionist at a very early age. Being brought up the way he was, John Brown was able to recognize the injustice known as slavery. Even though the North was predominately ant-slavery, race prejudice was still rampant. In this sense, John Brown can be considered a remarkable person. Frederick Douglass, a world renowned abolitionist was impressed at John Brown’s actions regarding his attempts at the abolition of slavery. Douglass described Brown as a person who, "though a white gentleman, is in sympathy a black man, and as deeply interested in our cause as though his own soul had been pierced with the iron of slavery. Not only was the personality of John Brown captivating, but his actions have also awestruck authors and novelists. In fact, in his novel Black Abolitionists Benjamin Quarles commented that: "Brown's relationships with Negroes had been close, continuous, and on a peer basis, a pattern which no other white reformer could boast." , while in John Brown’s
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The first is his assault along the Creek of Pottawatomie, the second is his raid at Harpers Ferry, and the third is his trial following his capture from his revolt at Harper’s Ferry. Through these specific events, the character of who John Brown was will be explained and discussed. Moreover, by assessing these three observations this essay will aim to answer the question ‘To what extent did John Brown’s actions further divide the North and the
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