Aboortion from a Christian Perspective

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Robin Cypress
CWV 101
April 26, 2015
Professor Bob Greene

Abortion – From A Christian’s Perspective The ability to bring a life into the world after having carried and nurtured it in your womb for a woman is considered a gift and blessing to most, however there are times when the decision to bring a life into the world is clouded by another issue such as rape or fetal abnormalities at which point it becomes an ethical dilemma as to whether to bring that life into the world or to end the pregnancy and the life of the child. This paper will address the ethical dilemma, core beliefs, resolution, evaluation and comparison from the Christian perspective that should be considered during this process. Living life is a gift that God
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Evaluation For the Christian and even those who do not fall under the umbrella of Christianity one the unintended consequences in having an abortion is to never be able to conceive another child. Another might be that everything that you felt was more important such as jobs, career or social standings all suddenly are taken away and you are left without them or the gift of love that a child could have brought. While these may seem extreme, taking a life is as well and nothing that we do outside of the will of God comes without consequences. One of the main benefits of deciding to not have an abortion is that you are choosing life and showing God that you have faith that He will provide for not only your needs but your child’s as well. Comparison When comparing the resolution of Christians against others, Christians must at all times remember who gives life and who has the absolute call and decision to take it away and that is God. Others may say that it should be a choice and that a woman should not be forced to carry a child knowing that the child has a defect, or that aborting the child is the humane thing to do because the child would only suffer (Ryan, 2014), however until you have given the child a chance, you cannot say or determine what quality of life the child will have and if they will suffer at all. In today’s society those who
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