Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander History

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, language and culture are part of who we are as Australians. It is important for me as a pre-service teacher to be aware of how my personal background, experiences and ideas about identity will influence my teaching philosophy to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. My ability to understand the cultural identities of all students in my class is necessary for addressing their individual needs. We all bring our own perspectives and ways of seeing the world into the classroom. The following journal entries make up my reflective journey into understanding my own cultural capacity.

Aboriginal Terms of Reference and Protocols
I have had no real personal experience or
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Giving my students the opportunity to participate in such protocols and be exposed to aboriginal terms of reference means that they come to understand an aboriginal worldview, which is an important step towards reconciliation. In collaboration with the Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO) and the families of the students in my class, I look to explicitly incorporate protocols into the daily activities and strengthen links to the community. I look to remove the separation that exists between the two cultures and allow my students to become sensitised at a very young age to the Indigenous culture. In a similar way to the efforts of the first school of Annabella, who sought to bridge the gap between the two cultures by teaching the local language first then English, I would look to incorporate the local Dharug language into the classroom (Groome and Garner, 1993). By incorporating Yunkaporta’s 8 ways of learning, specifically the story sharing and community links aspects, I help to connect learning to real life purposes and contexts (Christie 1986, as cited in Yunkaporta n.d., p.11). Even something as simple as the design of my classroom can reflect Indigenous culture by having a group time mat in the middle of the room to replicate the yarning process, where everyone can share “knowledge and
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