Aboriginal Children Into Euro Canadian Culture

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Rees 1 “Thousands of Canada’s Aboriginal children died in Residential Schools that failed to keep them safe from fires, protected from abusers, and healthy from deadly disease” (Kennedy). “Residential Schools were government-sponsored religious schools established to assimilate Aboriginal Children into Euro-Canadian culture” (Miller). There were approximately 130 schools in every province and territory with the exception of Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick all with an estimated 150,000 attendees, segregated by gender (CBC News). Residential schooling caused tension as well as intergenerational suffering among native communities in Canada. Acts of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse support the tragedies in Canadian…show more content…
For the time in which Residential Schools were attended, children were affected physically and emotionally. Primary objectives of the system were to remove, then isolate children from family and cultural influences, and to assimilate into dominant culture (Harper). This underfunded system alienated children from their families for extended periods of time, prohibiting acknowledgement of Aboriginal heritage, culture, or to speak mother tongues Rees 2 (Hanson). Aboriginal heritage and culture was seen as inferior, and traditions as “the devils works”, thus children of the communities were victim to the Euro-Canadian system. Native children were forcibly taken from the nurturing care of their families as young as four years of age to remote institutes where they would soon be introduced to horrors of rape, malnutrition, beatings, confinement, and forced labour (Animikii). Aboriginal peoples were treated as savages, their identities’ demeaned. Soon, native culture would be affected negatively after attendance within the schooling system. The Canadian government and European churches whom were running the system aimed to “kill the Indian in the child” (Harper). The objective was to ultimately integrate upcoming generations into Euro-Canadian culture. The children of Aboriginal Canada were subject to teachings in which their old ways, and people were depicted as immoral. Identity was lost when the children were so
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