Aboriginal Children and Women are an Impediment to Development in Canada

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Research Topic: The ongoing targeting of Aboriginal Children and Women is a significant impediment to development in Canada. In my research essay I propose to engage the analytical concept of intersectionality to critically interpret government-led development initiatives in Canada and the wider world from a postcolonial/feminist perspective. Thesis Canada is often recognized as a developed society on the world stage, with elaborate institutions and treaties in place to ensure the needs and development of Indigenous people are met. Yet, simultaneously Canada exists in a state with a numerous amount of human rights abuses against Aboriginal women and children. This dichotomy creates a number of issues in regards to honoring historical documents, but more importantly – to end the ongoing targeting of Aboriginal Women and Children in Canada. In this essay, I will address development practice and effectiveness in Canada looking particularly at the practice of forced sterilization of Metis women in Canada. Drawing on the examples of Maori maternity, I will situate the struggles of both gendered and ethnic people from dominant discourses in the international context. Then, l will argue that Canada and wider settler societies not only have an ethical responsibility to address the ongoing targeting of Aboriginal women and children, but that addressing these issues is in the best interest of the Canadian government improve the development indicators to provide a more

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