Aboriginal Cultures

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The Aborigines are one of the oldest, unaffected cultures that remain in our world today. Their historical culture and territory, in the past, was unaffected by the constantly evolving world. Until recently, their historic society has remained sacred, yet today they are undergoing a colossal fight. The Australian government and uranium mining industries are attempting to build new mine fields, bullying Aborigine tribes and their leaders into ultimately selling their land for future nuclear waste dump sites. Their culture should be preserved due to the fact that many cultures have diminished, modified, and changed as our society and world has; they are truly one of a kind. They don’t let the outside influences of money and technologies…show more content…
From the Aboriginal point of view, “the land is a spirit entity — a parchment on which their history is indelibly engraved and where special living places — sacred sites, have acquired significance as reminders of their past” (Zimmerman, 2009, para.27). The Aborigines’ religious beliefs are a core part of their culture; the tribe’s leaders are religious, having no political chief or official government. Dunlop (1997) stated that their religion is based on the belief that “the spirits of their ancestors remained at the watering place at the centre of the territory, awaiting reincarnation; connected to both the tribe's ancestors and the creators of the world, none of whom ever died but merged with the natural world and thus remained a part of the present” (para. 4). Having a religious intolerance for the Aborigine culture and numerous tribes is immoral and unethical; wanting to use their land to ignite another nuclear waste site proves that the federal government values what’s best for them, nuclear testing, than considering other’s beliefs. BHP Billiton, an international mining monster, is about money and money alone; they are willing to make spur of the moment decisions just to sell their idea of why one should approve of uranium mining. BHP’s truths and realities are distorted due to the billions of dollars to be made. Even though a battle is still underway with between the tribes and the monstrous company,
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