Aboriginal Education Is A Subject That Should Be Embedded Into Curricular Activities

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Aboriginal education is a subject that should be embedded into curricular activities on a daily basis from the beginning of early childhood. This essay highlights the importance of Aboriginal education from an early age for both Indigenous and non-indigenous children in Australia through the discussion of three strategise. These include the use of Aboriginal perspective in the curriculum, Outcomes for Aboriginal children and cultural safety in the early childhood environment. It also evaluates the Early Years Learning Framework and how it reflects the inclusion of Aboriginal individuals, their culture, histories and communities into the learning process. Indigenous children in Australia are faced with illness and hardships which unfavourably affect their education, outcomes and developmental milestones (Lyons & Janca, 2012). Children experiencing these issues are more likely to have a higher rate of absence from school, poorer school performance and an overall low expectation of achievement (Jackson, 2009). Recognising these factors and utilising thes above strategies are vital for improving education, health and overall wellbeing for Aboriginal children.
Early childhood centres have access to numerous documents such as the Early Years Learning Framework and the Melbourne Declaration which provide guidelines on quality education for both Aboriginal and non Aboriginal children. These documents illustrate ways to incorporate Aboriginal perspectives into daily routines and…
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