Aboriginal Food Security Issues

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Question 1
Higher Rates of Cancer
Indigenous Australians have higher lung, cervix and liver cancer rates than the rest the rest of the Australian population however the rates of breast, colon, rectum, lymphoma, prostate and melanoma are lower than that of the rest of the population. [1] The cancers that appear at lower rates throughout the indigenous community often appear at later stages of life through the age group that acquires them more frequently through the rest of the population. Due to the shorter life expectancy of the indigenous community the rates at which these age related cancers occur will be lower as fewer people are reaching the age where they begin to commonly take place. [2]
More Advanced Stages of Cancer
In comparison to
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I. Ring, Indigenous health: Chronically inadequate responses to damning statistics, The Medical Journal of Australia, 2015, p629-p631
Question 3
Food security is a factor that is often a risk for indigenous groups as many groups fall into a bracket that holds 5% of the population that have food security issues.[8] Proper nutrition is vital for good health and wellbeing as well as a better quality of life. Therefore, it is imperative that proper nutrition through foods is readily available to the entire population. If the food security situation continues to worsen then there will be an increasing number of health issues that arise throughout the indigenous community continuously.
Another factor that is a definite determinant of the health and wellbeing of the indigenous community is wealth. The cost for regular general practitioner visits along with the cost of living can escape the grasp of some of indigenous communities. There is a relationship between self-reported poor health and income and the lower the income the worse the self-reported poor health becomes. [10] This, in combination with the information mentioned in the first paragraph of Question 3 provides for quite a grim outlook on the health prospect of the indigenous
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