Aboriginal People Represent The Fastest Growing Population

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Aboriginal people represent the fastest growing population in Canada. We have heard this numerous times and statistical data will confirm this fact. Canada’s Aboriginal population increased by 20.1% between 2006 and 2011, compared with 5.2% for the non-Aboriginal population (Statistics Canada, 2012). Aboriginal leaders make mention to the Indigenous population growth many times when urging the Canadian government to make changes to policies in order to address this reality. In particular the Federal government has been called on to make changes to the Post-Secondary Student Support Program. More specifically Aboriginal leaders and advocates have asked for the removal of the 2% cap on post-secondary funding, which has existed since 1996. The Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) administers federal monies to eligible First Nation and Inuit students who wish to attend college or university. However, with a growing population and a limit on the increase in dollars, many students are not able to receive funding. This has resulted in the discouragement of Aboriginal students to pursue higher education opportunities.
The academic journal, profession publication, and newspaper article I have chosen to review each address the need to improve Aboriginal post-secondary opportunities in Canada. In order to advance Canadian society, Aboriginal people must have access to post-secondary programs that foster and accept the unique worldview of Indigenous people. It is also

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