Aboriginal Self Government : Aboriginal People

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Aboriginal Self-Government Aboriginals have lived various types of lives and in attempt to improve the lives of Canada’s Aboriginal people formed the Aboriginal self-government. Since the formation, the self-government has accomplished some things that have both positively and negatively impacted Aboriginal people. On the most part, the Aboriginal self-government has improved the lives of Canada’s Aboriginal people significantly. Not only has it improved the lives of Aboriginals, but has also supported them as a large community. The Aboriginal self-government has helped provide access to lands and resources, offered financial help through financing, and last but not least have improved living conditions for Canada’s Aboriginal people. Aboriginal self-government has provided a great access to land and resources for Aboriginals. The self-government has also helped provide access to treaty rights and land claims settlements for the Aboriginal population. “The recognition of the inherent right of self-government is based on the view that the Aboriginal peoples of Canada have the right to govern themselves in relation to matters that are internal to their communities, integral to their unique cultures, identities, traditions, languages and institutions, and with respect to their special relationship to their land and resources." (Cite here) There are legal and constitutional reasons to negotiate land claim and self-government agreements, but social justice is another important…
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