Aboriginal Tribe

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It is thought by archaeologists that the first people to settle on the Australian continent came from South-East Asia between 40,000 and 60,000 years ago (45). Over time these settlers occupied the continent with approximately 600 tribes and shared the belief of the Ancestral Beings, created the law during the Dreaming (45). Each tribe had their own identity and language and regularly moved in small nomadic groups within their tribal territory, living off the land to survive (45).
It was the Indigenous people’s nomadic ways that allowed the British to claim sovereignty on the Australian land they thought was terra nullius as they did not see signs of modern civilisation (Furze et al. 2015, p. 348). To the British, these tribes were collectively named Aboriginals and
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Eventually, the Australian government implemented a policy called Protection and Segregation between the 1830s and 1940s, which provided security for the Aboriginal people who had been dispossessed of their land (). In contract, it enabled the government to take control of the Aboriginal population by suppressing their Aboriginal culture through biological absorption and putting Aboriginal people to work on reserves or in missions as labourers in return for security, shelter, food and medical help (Flood 2006, p. 103). This policy remained until after the second world war when it was replaced by the Assimilation and Integration policy (47).
The Australian government introduced the Assimilation and Integration policy in the 1950s to continue the elimination the Aboriginal people through cultural assimilation (). This policy declared that all Aboriginals were to live like white Australians and resulted in The Stolen Generation, by which Aboriginal children were removed by force from their parents and taught to reject their Aboriginality (Young 2009 p.
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