Aboriginals Land Rights

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In 1937 Conference of State and Federal Ministers of Native Welfare, the debate about the policy for indigenous people, the aboriginal issue has been divided into two populations, the ‘full-bloods’ and the ‘half castles’ (Hollinsworth, 1998). The first group was assumed would be die out eventually, and the second group can trained and absorbed into white family as a servant. In fact, Indigenous children kidnapping as servants was existed since European new arrival. And the removals and the blocking of return to Indigenous families was became common while the growth of ‘mix race’ people (Hollinsworth, 1998). In NSW, the legislation trying to remove the ‘mix race’ children from their family and placed them in foster care (Haebich 2000), while the prohibition of marriage and contact between racial categories has been legislated. Removed children are broken emotionally by told that their parent were dead out or abandoned them, and forced to neglect their own culture, as well as physically, as…show more content…
Another issue happened in 1953 in related with land right which is Britain government announcement of atomic tests on Anangu people’s land which has been called Maralinga. The land which Anangu people has been inhibited for long times became prohibited without warning, consultation, and knowing what would happen here (Yalata Aboriginal Community 2009). As the power of atomic bomb and inappropriateness of the protection, the unknown number of indigenous people cause of illness, which different kind of cancer are still effecting them and their nest generation. Another issue which as important as above is that land issue. After the atomic test the land remained prohibited, one of the reason of that is the land is no longer suitable for human being, as ‘the sick land’ (Yalata Aboriginal Community 2009). Even After the decade of ‘cleaning’ the land, it can never like what it originally
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