Abortion: A Controversial Debatable Topic Essay

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Abortions have long been a controversial and debatable topic. Politicians and religious groups, and most individuals have a strong opinion or view regarding the topic. Society has two very different views regarding abortions. Those that oppose abortions for various reasons are considered pro-life, while those that believe abortion is a woman’s choice are considered pro-choice. The arguments that each side believes are considerably very different and often cause outrage or extreme emotional responses. Viewpoints that each side attempt to persuade others vary from religious, morals or values, personal experience, and rights. Today, abortions are still a controversial, which prevent people from seeing eye-to-eye and continue to be a …show more content…
In order to form an opinion for either side, questions must be answered. One of the first questions one must ask is, when “life” begins. Advancement in technology, such as ultrasounds, fetal therapy and amniocentesis graphically reveal complex life before birth, including a heartbeat as potential life. Scientists have identified the first moments of human life as the instant when a sperm cell unites with an ovum or egg cell. There are billions of cells, body cells, which collectively make up a human being. Unless these cells are manipulated, the body cells remain what they appear to be such as skin, hair, bone, muscle, and organs. According to science, the cells will continue to “live” and are “alive,” until it dies. There are also other rare cells known as germ cells, which have the power to transform into other kind of human cells. In order to create a fetus the sex cells (male sperm) and the female eggs must combine. It is only when combined, that these cells create a fetus (life by definition of pro-life supporters). The period for completion occurs within twelve hours, at which time the egg is fertilized and becomes known as a "zygote," containing the full set of forty-six chromosomes required to create a new human life. Pro-life supports argue that this is the point of which life begins and should be respected with the same laws that apply anyone in our country, whether in the womb or outside.
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