Abortion : A Controversial Issue

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Abortion is a very controversial issue. To first start out abortion is the deliberate termination of a woman’s pregnancy, most often performed within the first 22 weeks of pregnancy. People can either be pro-choice or pro-life for abortion. Being pro-choice means that people believe that it is a woman’s choice to get an abortion if they want one. Pro-life means people believe no matter what if a woman is pregnant they should have the baby; no abortion. I intent to explain why women who get pregnant should have the right to get an abortion, if they so choose to. Abortion has had a very long history. Women were getting abortions before they were even legal. Abortions in 1800’s weren’t as safe, but women were still getting them. Abortion was illegal in the United States, but certain states made abortion legal, to save the health of the mother. The laws for abortion depending on the state, which each state had different. In 1970 Alaska, Hawaii, New York, and Washington liberalize abortion laws. Which made abortion available at the request of a woman and her doctor. But now in 2015 all states allow abortions but each state has different laws on it. Example in Ohio to have an abortion it has to be by a licensed physician, public funds limited to life endangerment, rape, and incest, and parental involvement required for minors, parents must give consent. That’s only some of the laws, but in other states they are a lot more stick. Woman have the right to an abortion if they so

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