Abortion : A Controversial Issue

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Suprise! The pregnancy test was positive, you 're pregnant! I know you weren 't expecting this so what are you gonna do? Keep it? Put it up for adoption? Abort it? Abortion is one of the most controversial social justice topics people face. Everybody has their own opinions and beliefs about abortion. Abortion is a controversial topic. People who have opinions about this topic usually strongly sides with one side of the pro-life/ pro-choice debate. Abortion is the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before it has reached the stage of viability, about 20 weeks in humans. (“Abortion” Britannica school). Sometimes, an abortion isn 't necessarily planned, which is called a miscarriage. A miscarriage is when the mother looses the baby while the baby is in the womb. When the abortion is planned, It is called an induced abortion. A woman may choose to have an abortion for many reasons. Th]er is four general categories to file the reason for an abortion under. These reasons are: saving the life of the mother and/ or preserving the mental well being of her, to stop the baby from forming after it was conceived by rape or incest, preventing the birth of a child with a very serious deformity or illness, and preventing the completion of the pregnancy because of social and/or economic reasons. Although most reasons fit into one of the categories listed above, there may be other reasons a woman chooses to abort the fetus. She may be forced to by a spouse, partner, or a parent. Another

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