Abortion : A Controversial Issue

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Abortion is a controversial issue in many countries all the time and there are always two sides of abortion. Pro-life supporters believe that abortion is immoral, so they argue that it should be illegal because an unborn baby is life. However, they do not figure out that woman who is on the inevitable situation such as infection, rape, or extreme poverty would still have the abortion even though the abortion is illegal. Many women die due to unsafe abortion, which is illegal and performed by uneducated people. Therefore, the abortion should be legal to protect the life of ‘alive women’ because women’s life is equal to human’s right. I would like to provide more affirmative bases to support abortion in this paper. Women have right to control their own bodies and decisions. As human free will, women can determine their decision for their future. It is sometimes inevitable to maintain their lifestyle that they have before they become pregnant. Although pregnant is the responsibility of both, woman and man, as a result of having sex, women should give up their career or study because pregnancy and childbirth are not as easy at all as just people generally think. Furthermore, women who have the abortion are in difficult condition, which is the unwanted. The Guttmacher institute research said that unintended or unplanned pregnancies were 41 percent of national pregnancies (Abortion Worldwide: A Decade of Uneven Progress). This high rate is from the unavoidable inability of…
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