Abortion : A Controversial Subject Throughout History

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Abortion has been a controversial subject throughout history. Although many argue that a woman should be able to do with her body as she sees fit, there are laws in place that affect what she is and is not able to do with regard to pregnancy and abortion. While some view these laws as an infringement on the rights of the pregnant woman, others see them as protections for the unborn child. Since the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade in 1973 where “a nineteen-year concerted assault on Roe in which anti-choice forces fought for its wholesale overruling and the resulting recriminalization of abortion in America, by the narrowest of margins the Supreme Court declined to take that step.” (Wharton & Kolbert, 2013 p. 143) The outcome of this court case paved the way for women in America, before this case abortion was illegal and many women were obtaining abortions illegally in unsafe environments. The ruling of this case is significant because it allowed women to finally obtain abortions in a legal and safe setting, it also allowed states to regulate abortions in the state as long as the regulations do not cause an “undue burden” on women’s abortion rights, this protects the woman’s right to an abortion restricting the ban of abortion altogether, however the state can place restrictions on these processes by passing laws with increased regulations to abortion. (npr) Abortion is an important topic of debate, because there is a fine line of protecting women and limiting
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