Abortion : A Controversial Topic Around The Globe

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Abortion is a highly controversial topic around the globe, mostly because of the moral issues it brings forward based on people’s philosophies and religion. A significant part of the population, called pro-life, consider abortion as murdering a living child and hence, are against abortion. Another group of people, called pro-choice, believe that the parents, particularly women, have the choice to do anything with their body and have the right to decide whether or not to keep the child. They may not necessarily be against abortion, but they believe that abortion is an equally morally right option for women.
The history of abortion suggests that there were no legal prohibition on abortion until the 1800’s (Abortion, par.1). Despite having to use primitive and risky methods, women were often found helping each other to abort and great philosophers like Plato, Aristotle and Hippocrates are also said to have spoken in favor of abortion time and again. Connecticut passed the first anti-abortion law in the United States in 1821, and for the next century, abortion was considered wrong and illegal throughout most of the world (SFLA, par.1). On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court legalized abortion based on women’s right to privacy and that’s when the debate on abortion started around the country (SFLA, par.17).
Abortion is of two types: natural and procured. Natural abortion, popularly known as miscarriages, does not involve woman’s decision and happen without any
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