Abortion: A Heated Debate and Hot Topic in the United States Essay

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There are always a number of heated debates within the United States. These debates are always a hot topic and very controversial issues. Due to how controversial they are, is why they become such largely debated topics with many people having very different views on the specific topic. For example, there is a Democratic and Republican party in the United States; people either stick with one side or the other due to their beliefs and sometimes can be neutral or on the other party’s side for certain topics. Abortion is a very controversial topic as it always has been all around the country but more specifically in the United States. There are two sides to the debate: those who believe abortion should be legal and their organization is…show more content…
Therefore, in Europe and Great Britain and of course many other countries, abortion was looked at in a very negative way and the women who got abortions were perpetrators. “Abortion was illegal in Britain under the 1861 offences against the person act. Any person, including the pregnant woman herself found guilty of attempting to procure abortion was liable to receive maximum penalty of life imprisonment” (Jones, v. 20.2, pgs. 283-298). Along with other countries the United States saw abortion as a wrong doings in the past. In the past before the 1800’s the United States did in fact allow abortions until of course laws were set in. This movement from abortion being legal to becoming illegal happened in the late 1800’s. Abortion was then outlawed in different states for many reasons. Due to abortion being illegal in most states, many women tried to have self-induced abortions which caused them many health problems (National Abortion Federation). Also, the National Abortion Federation gave statistics such as: “Between 1967 and 1973 one-third of the states liberalized or repealed their criminal abortion laws” (History of Abortion).For over 100 year’s abortion was illegal in every state and finally about forty-four years ago it was barely being made legal again. Additionally, the case of Roe vs. Wade was
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