Abortion : Abortion And Pro Choice

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I. Introduction
A. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before the time of extra-uterine viability. An abortion terminates the life of the embryo, (the fertilized egg before three months of growth) or the fetus after three months” (Pederson & Watson, 2003).
B. The practice of abortion is a controversial topic. It is one of the most discussed issue in politics mostly during the election season. Many candidate use this topic in their favor to gain support from the voters.
C. It creates an invisible line, which divides society into two categories. One side identifying themselves as pro-life and the other side identify as pro-choice.
D. Pro-life are individuals who are not in support of abortion and pro-choice are those who are in favor of women having the right to have control of the decision concerning her body.
E. Many people throughout history have fought to have the choice to have an abortion if they like. For example cases such as: Roe v. Wade and Parenthood v. Casey, which made a big impact in the system.
F. Roe v. Wade made it lawful for people to get an abortion but it also created heated tensions in regards of politics in the United States (Barkan, 2014).
G. The method of abortion can be completed in many ways. Depending on how far the woman is in her pregnancy, she can be given go through a procedure where a vacuum is used to remove the fetus in her. When she is further in her pregnancy, she has to receive chemicals that hiders the growth and development of

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