Abortion: According To Teenage Childbearing, Written By Eugene M.

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Abortion Abortion comes with a lot of opinions and feelings towards the topic. In the eyes of the law abortion is legal, but to some, it should not allowed because it can cause health problems, people to commit homicide and drop out of school. A lot of researchers would say they are totally against abortion due to health concerns and not killing another human being. Other researchers may be against abortion because teenagers not being ready to take on that kind of responsibility, completing school and moving on to college should be their main focus. Within these articles the common trend seemed to be health problems, failing to complete school or killing another human being. Within “Health care and ethics”…show more content…
Lewis (1992) There are many factors to child bearing of young teenagers and ration between pregnancy and the influence. Eugene Milewide (1992) stated that the U.S healthcare system is for the protection of children. (pg.186) There are many different statistics that are used to measure the level of changes to end teenage child bearing (Eugene M. Lewit, 1992, pg. 187) According to Eugene M Lewit (1992) the factors in teen pregnancy are social life, personal life and the influence of birth. (pg. 188) The rate of childbearing seems to be increasing from the rate it was a few years ago, (Eugene M. Lewit, 1992, pg.189) The significance of this article is how the outside factors influence childbearing and teenagers. There are system’s in place to protect teenagers and their…show more content…
Pregnancies when they are not planned can be very difficult and scary and can be overwhelming for the parent. (Mark Hutten locker, 2007, pg.1) Although many women of different ages are getting abortions ages 18-19 account for the high number performed. (Mark Hutten locker, 2007, pg. 2) As stated by Mark Hutten locker (2007) many states have laws that make children notify their parent when pregnancy but do not need permission to go ahead and get the procedure. (pg. 3) Moreover teens who go ahead with the abortion are overwhelmed by ‘god’s judgement.’ (Mark Hutten locker, 2007, pg.4) The signified of this article is that the after product of abortion and the after affects are much more overwhelming than the pregnancy

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