Abortion : An Accidental Termination Of A Human Pregnancy

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Abortion is defined as the intentional termination of a human pregnancy. An abortion is often done so that the birth of a child doesn’t happen. Some say abortion is wrong and sinful while others say it’s a good idea since it won’t bring an unwanted child into the world. Abortion is also considered morally wrong since its killing a growing baby or fetus as it is often referred as. Abortion can also be seen as murder since the process of abortion kills the baby. Some argue that it should be the woman’s decision, but what about the baby? Doesn’t he/she get the right to live? It might not be moral, but is it legal to have an abortion procedure in the U.S? Does the government stand by this heinous act? Now, when women make these kind of decisions do they look at what it could possibly do to their health, how is it affected? Don’t they feel any remorse for this horrible deed? How can people continue living a perfectly normal life knowing that they agreed to kill a defenseless baby? Not all the reasons to get and abortion are wrong some might be life threatening cases like the child might not make it to birth or the mother is not strong enough and both lives are at risk. Possibly the woman got raped and doesn’t want the baby to be the constant reminder of that incident. But is that a good enough reason to take someone’s life? For the foreseeable future abortion will be an extremely hot topic for discussion.
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A lot of people argue that abortion should go

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