Abortion : An Article By Pro Life New Zealand Essay

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Any woman who doesn’t want a child would clearly want an abortion, however there are negatives to having abortion. An article by Pro-Life New Zealand talks about a young mother, aged 21 who hung herself over the guilt of having an abortion. Jade Rees, the 21 year old mother, left several handwritten notes to her family, one of which was to her two year old son. Jade Rees had already been a teenage mum and supposedly “coped exceptionally well as a doting single mother.”

There are also many negative physical effects of an abortion, according to americapregancy.org some of these may include abdominal pain, cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, spotting and bleeding.Some of the mental/emotional side effects of abortion, are regret, anger, guilt, shame, sense of loneliness or isolation, loss of self confidence, insomnia or nightmares, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts and feelings, eating disorders, anxiety and depression

However, there is a much more negative impact on women, which comes with banning abortion. Dorothy Shaw, a clinical professor wrote about how women will have abortions, regardless of the law. One in five pregnancies end in abortion, legal or not. This is an insane amount of unsafe abortions we would get if society failed to provide sanitary, safe and legal abortions for women.

Any pregnancy should be supported with the option of abortion, however rape, incest and teenage pregnancy especially deserve the option of abortion. According to Linda Lowen, a

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