Abortion : An Illegal Act Of Killing A Fetus

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Abortion is one of many key issues that women are faced with in today’s world, to not have a child or conceiving a child through conception. What is abortion these days? To many, abortion is considered an illegal act of killing a fetus, while others believe abortion to be legal by law and punishable for it. It is unclear if the law will make its ruling to put a ban on abortion but it has come with its shared controversy. The first reason why abortion should be legal is the involvement due to churches. A church should not have a say into which woman may choose to do what is growing inside her body, it is ultimately her decision alone. The Catholic Church believes that all life, even an unborn baby is in fact a human life. According to the Catholic Church, “Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative action of God.” Yes, God has given life to all mankind but that does not give him control over one’s body. With abortion taking center stage in recent arguments whether to have an abortion or carry the baby full term. Several Supreme Court cases pose an important question. How the law will come into effect. The law has come into effect, but politicians rather dodged the issue altogether. Members against abortion and pro-choice argued that the courts should not take any cases against abortion lightly. Now all sides have made valid points, but none of them can provide the right amount of facts that will make abortion legal in all states. The more that
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