Abortion : An Overwhelming Amount Of Human Lives

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Pro Life Today in American an overwhelming amount of human lives are terminated through abortion. Many women today are getting pregnant often through unprotected sex, rape and other things. Once these women realize that they don’t want the child because of various reasons, they result to the method of abortion. After researching for countless hours what I found was disturbing. I oppose abortion because it is considered murder in some aspects; there safer approaches to this situation such as adoption, being responsible and not having unprotected sex, and considering foster care. Sadly, most women choose to have an abortion and are unaware of the dangers and consequences they may come across. Abortions have affected many people and their families. “In 2011, approximately 1.06 million abortions took place in the U.S.”. In order to grasp any topic, a brief explanation is required. Abortions have been around for quite a while now. “Abortion refers to the purposeful termination of a pregnancy”. In the eighteen hundreds abortions in the United States became illegal because of the lack of medical background. Because many doctors lacked the medical education the procedures and surgeries such as abortion were very dangerous and harmful to women. Many people are not fully aware of what is actually involved when having an abortion. In a first trimester abortion, (the first three months of pregnancy) the woman must go to a special clinic for the abortion such as “Planned
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