Abortion And Abortion

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Mostly seen as a religious issue, abortions are anything but that. Biology and science are the only deciding factors when it comes down to it. Science is the only thing that can prove whether an unborn child is living; no religion can do that. Through modern science and technology, it has been proven and well documented that human life does in fact begin at conception. The scientific evidence also contradicted the court ruling in the Roe v. Wade case, where it was stated that the Court could not decide on the subjective question and there was insufficient evidence to prove otherwise. This decision in the court came two years after “a group of 220 distinguished physicians, scientists, and professors showed evidence to the court that showed…show more content…
It had originally started at 32 weeks in 1960, then 24-28 weeks or less in 1973, and 19-23 weeks in 1989. Cite book It was predicted that viability could even be as early as 12-15 weeks. Abortionists could have a challenging time arguing about life at conception if technology ever increases to support an unborn child from the embryonic stage. Cited book It is argued that it is not life until the child is no longer supported by some sort of support system. With that logic, anyone that is dependent on a pacemaker, kidney dialysis, or is an insulin dependent diabetic could be labeled as “non-viable.” Throughout medical research, there have been different criteria that proved the presence of life. Brain waves, heartbeat, implantation, birth, and social interaction have been used to prove life. The only problem is that some of those signs could not be seen, but life can still be there. By that logic, people that are comatose, the senile, and the retarded would be clearly excluded from the category of being human. All humans begin life as nonviable for at least the first five months of their very young life. It is biologically viable, but there has not been a newborn child that is autonomously viable for the simple fact that the child is extremely dependent upon the mother to provide basic needs that the child cannot provide for themselves: like eating, bathing, changing, and the protection from the mother because a newborn baby can not

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