Abortion And How Does It Affect People 's Life 's?

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Halli Holder
Ms. Ward
Integrated Science 1 MWF 1st
February 8, 2017
What is abortion and how does it affect people’s life’s ? Abortion is legal through all 9 months of pregnancy , even if the baby is due in one day, women can still have abortions. It is their choice, there is no law saying that one can or cannot have an abortion. Abortion ends pregnancy medically, women have them for several different reasons and there are positive and negative effects o abortion. There are three topics that will be discussed. What abortion is, the reasons women have them, and the emotional effects. Abortion is a medical procedure to end pregnancy. There are two different types, the in- clinic and the abortion pill. The in- clinic type requires
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Lastly, did you know that only 1% of abortions are because the mother’s life is in danger? The other 99% is because of the reasons that were mentioned above, and probably many more. Therefore, people know why women have abortions today. Women have many different emotional effects after having an abortion. Studies from the American Pregnancy Association show that some women feel relieved after having an abortion. They may feel relieved that they don’t have to take care of a baby anymore. If they are a single parent, they may feel relieved that they won’t have to take care of the baby alone because there isn’t a baby to take care of anymore. Most emotional side effects are negative though. Some feel depressed, guilty, or angry after the abortion. They could feel angry because they have just killed a baby, and they might start to think that it is wrong. I can see why one would feel angry or depressed. Which also leads into the next emotional feeling, which is suicidal thoughts or actions. Women feel so guilty that they would rather take their own life, than to live knowing they have had an abortion. One can clearly deduce that there is a lot more emotional effects than the positive emotional effects. In conclusion, abortion end pregnancy medically, there are several different reasons why women have abortions, and there is positive and negative side effects. Most abortions are repeat
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