Abortion And Its Effects On Society

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Abortion in Society The modern world today is brought together by many different cultures, beliefs, thoughts, opinions and morals. Which makes life difficult at times and causes people to not get along when differences can not be set aside. There are many issues and topics that are the root of these problems, which may never be solved and more than likely will never be solved based on characteristics of cultures and beliefs. Abortion is a very diverse topic in today’s society for which there may never be a correct answer to live up to everyone’s morals, but both sides present persuasive facts and opinions to justify their beliefs. Recent data found in a Pew Research Center Poll shows the support for abortion is as high as it has been…show more content…
“In the United Kingdom provocative images of the fetus generated by four dimensional ultrasonography have fuelled a reassessment of fetal capabilities along with suggestions that the fetus can respond both emotionally and cognitively. Subsequent political and media discussion in the United Kingdom has debated changing abortion laws and procedures to mitigate against fetal pain (DerbyShire).” This could impact the choices of many tremendously, if society would ever talk about abortion in a civilized manner even though it is very hard to discuss, many lives could be saved. A lot of people believe that more than half of abortions are because of teens. Whether they are too immature or they are not using contraceptives. Although sometimes that is true, although most abortions are not because of teen pregnancies. According to Jeff Jones, minors accounted for only about forty percent of abortions and these happened without their parents or guardians ever knowing. Point three percent of abortions in 2013 were by fifteen year olds and younger (Jones). While teens are a very small portion of abortions adults are the vast majority. Unmarried women in 2013 held responsible for 85.2% of all abortions (Jones). Which could argue that they are the ones being more irresponsible than minors. Then twenty-fiver perfect of abortions were because the mothers “were not ready for a child (Jones).” Which makes adults sound more immature because
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