Abortion And Same Sex Marriage

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In this study, I compared religion and controversial topics. I chose same sex marriage and abortion for the controversial topics. I chose these things because the world is evolving and it is important to know whether not someone 's religion can affect the way people endorse or approve of a certain topic. The two topics have been very controversial for many years now so I wanted to measure to see if anything changed or if we stayed the same along the years.

Literature Review
Abortion and same-sex marriage have been a great controversy over many years and it has become a bigger problem now more than ever but there isn’t much we can do about it. More people now more than ever are avoiding the conversation altogether. Religion tends to play a part in the idea of approval for both of these. People are becoming more separated due to the balance fluctuation between religion and same-sex marriage and abortion.There are a variety of religions all over the world and it is something that has been around for a long time. It is important that we find out how religion changes people or the way they think. No matter what your religion is, your opinion may change due the surrounding religious circumstances even if they are not your own. Religion can be a high influencing factor in abortion or a low influencing factor depending on how you measure it. In research taken from the GSS in 1974 and 1982 it was found that those who have a high involvement in religion have a high…
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